Our Vision is to build a great, artisanal bagel shop with a big personality

Informed by our past, looking to do things better — for our team, guests, partners, and community. We firmly believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

This is our guiding principle.

First and foremost, we have the best darn bagel around

Firm, crackly, crispy, bubbly on the outside; soft, chewy on the inside. Tear it open and smell the malty, nutty goodness that artisanal, organic flour and dark barley malt help bring to life. The perfect vehicle for everything that goes in the middle, or nothing in the middle at all…

This bagel stands up on its own!

Be warned…if you’re not eating Lubbies Bagels, it’s at your own risk

In old times, bagels were thought of as protection against demons and evil spirits, warding off the “Evil Eye” and bringing good luck and long life. This spirit is captured by Lubbies’ logo, protection…with “Lub” at the heart.

Please Dahlink’, sit down with us and enjoy the perfect bagel in “Bubbie’s Kitschen.”

Our interior design evokes our personal memories of sharing a nosh around our own Bubbie’s table. Bubbie is a little sassy, a little glammy, but always makes you feels at home. When you feel Bubbie’s love, it means we have successfully shared a bit of this experience with you.

Clean, responsibly, sustainably sourced ingredients

Our guests care about what they eat and so do we. Knowing where your food comes from is knowing what you’re putting in your body. We can’t promise that each and every ingredient is organic. What we can promise is that each purchasing decision is made with awareness — where it comes from, how it’s treated, how far it has traveled — and decisions are always made by balancing business needs with maintaining a clear conscious.

Food made with integrity

We are a scratch-driven brand, from bagels to ALL the pickled things! We do everything, within reason, in-house — even curing and smoking our own salmon! Where we don’t have the bandwidth, we’ve selected terrific partners, bringing us to our next point…

We favor and work with local partners and smaller businesses

  • Lusher’s Post Oak: Red Hot Dogs
  • Evan’s Meats: Bologna, Pastrami & Breakfast Sausage
  • Central Milling Organic Flours: High Pro Mountain, Dark Rye, BeeHive All Purpose & Whole Wheat
  • Sierra Nevada Cheese Company: Gina Marie Cream Cheese
  • Holy Kombucha
  • 44 Farms: Skirt Steak
  • Freebird: Chicken Breast & Liver
  • Regalis: Fresh Tuna & Western Ross Salmon

We care for our team and their families

Our team is our family. We believe a person shouldn’t have to work two jobs to earn a living wage. Better wage, better life. We make sure our team has time to live life, enjoy family and be healthy. We invest in our people with continuous learning opportunities. We listen to their ideas and incent them to make changes that improve their work environment, operational efficiency and our guest experience.

Less waste and a smaller footprint

Our interior remodel leveraged reclaimed materials wherever possible, from our marble and butcher block countertops, to interior doors and wood trims, to the diamond in the rough that was our original terrazzo floor — and our beloved front doors. We employed low-VOC materials, 100% LED lighting, high efficiency water heater, low water flush toilets, and efficient faucets on every sink.

Much of our production equipment, furniture and fixtures are “pre-loved.” Why pay more when perfectly good stuff can be reused?

We go the extra mile on our disposable supplies with sensitive packaging decisions.

Lastly, the Lubbies — sisters Jen & Andrea Lubkin, from Brooklyn, New York & Montclair, New Jersey, respectively — the Land of Great Bagels

Do sisters always get along? Nope. But one thing we always agree on, is what makes a great bagel! Jen’s got the business smarts and construction experience. Andrea’s got mad culinary and teambuilding skills. Together, life’s experiences have brought us to this moment — where combining our expertise and love of great food results in something magical. So long as we don’t kill each other first.