Lubbies Bagels Offers Fresh Bagels and Schmears in East Dallas

20 Feet Seafood Joint may be no more, but the space in East Dallas has been taken over by the newest entry into the suddenly burgeoning bagel scene in Dallas, Lubbies Bagels. The brainchild of sisters Andrea and Jen Lubkin, this small shop had its soft opening on Aug. 2 with limited hours and a limited menu. Right now it’s bagels, schmears and coffee, but plans are underway to expand the menu.

The Lubbies logo greets you upon arrival, a sort of hypnotic eye that appears to have a bagel as an iris. It’s a small space, uncluttered and bright, with a couple of tables outside and just a few more inside, which is fine. No one has time to eat a half-dozen bagels on-site, anyway, but if you did want to relax on a clement morning sipping a cup of joe while nibbling on a schmeared-up freshly baked bagel, well, you do have that option.

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